Why Does Major Financial Difficulty Define Some of The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs?….

I Want To Tell You Straight Up – Bankruptcy Will ROCK YOUR WORLD!

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My name is Michael D. Russo.  I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, marketing strategist, 5 time author and former millionaire.

I built my first million dollar business at the age of 26 and then went bankrupt at 29 trying to build a national franchise so I know from personal experience the pain of growing, losing and then having to rebuild a business that was initially your BIG IDEA!

As I told you at the start, and I want to tell you again, just to let you know that this advice is from from my own personal experience and that I can literally guarantee that Bankruptcy WILL Rock Your World!!!

Major Financial Difficulty Seems To Define The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs And Is A Part of Almost Every Story You Read About…

Unfortunately, there are some things that nothing but experience can teach you and there are some things you just don’t know before you start…

I want to help you avoid the more common mistakes that most entrepreneurs seem to make and to help you take full advantage of your existing business or to get started in business for the first time, without having to make all the mistakes I made….

I want to help clear the road for you so that you can have a much smoother path to success.

So I created the “Bankruptcy Rocks Business Essentials Guide” specifically designed to help you to increase your current income or to create an income from scratch without hitting so many bumps in the road!

I want to point you in the right direction so you can make informed decisions for yourself…

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